Ekovest’s Upcoming Projects Across Greater KL


Development projects worth RM2bil

Ekovest Bhd has several plans and ideas to develop certain projects in Greater KL area in the coming two to three years. These projects are expected to have a GDV (gross development value) of RM2bil. The expected completion year for these projects is 2017. According to Ekovest’s Managing Director Lim Keng Cheng, their EkoCheras project is expected to gain a GDV of RM1.6bil. The EkoCheras project will be launched by 3rd quarter of this year, while EkoSetapak project will be launched next year. The firm’s current order book values around RM400mil, and they also possess 30 acres of land in KL and 25 acres in Johor. Lim further stated that there are no plans for development in their Johor land so far.


在未来的两三年里,Ekovest BHD有几项项目与计划在吉隆坡区发展,而这项目发展总值(GDV)预计将达十亿令吉。该项目预计将在2017年竣工。据Ekovest董事总经理林景程,其EkoCheras项目GDV可达1.6亿令吉。Eko Cheras项目将于今年第三季度推出,而EkoSetapak项目将于明年推出。该公司目前的市值400万令吉左右,而且他们还拥有吉隆坡的30英亩地段,柔佛和25亩土地。他进一步指出,到目前为止他们还没有柔佛州土地发展计划。